Saturday, 28 January 2012

Radical drugs policy

Many people like taking drugs - many drugs mimic natural body chemicals/responses that everyone enjoys as part of the way we naturally function.

If someone enjoys a film that you don't like or a joke that you don't 'get' - do you resent them enjoying the film/joke? Well I guess you won't be bothered about the film, but might resent not 'getting' the joke, and be demanding to know what is so funny.

It seems to me that this (jealous/resentful feeling when not getting the joke) is the cause of much anti-drug feeling - that some people can be having a 'good time' that the anti's don't share in.

The difference between not getting a joke and not taking drugs is that the latter is most likely through fear - a fear of being out of control, a fear of getting addicted, a fear of what others may say/think, a fear of the law.

The anti's are angry out of frustration at the conflict of wanting a 'good time' but not being willing to 'pay the price' - and jealousy of others who are prepared to do so.

The anti's are fundamentally unhappy with their lot, because their efforts at happiness can by surpassed simply and cheaply - but only by taking a risk that they dare not take.

I am not anti-drugs, as I am not angry, frustrated or jealous of those that do; I am not pro-drugs because I don't think they are essential to be happy.

One thing that does amuse me is observing the anti's tie themselves in knots as they try to create new and ever more bizarre, disjointed reasons to pretend that their attitude is based on anything other than their own internal conflict caused by their puritanical prejudice and bias.

One thing that is sad is the anti's actions (laws, bans, wars) creating a market for organised crime to hugely profit in the trade of illegal substances. A trade and legal environment that gives bad people vast amounts of money to be bad with and often drags people (who only want to be happier) down in to poverty, crime and despair - which can often leave them ever more eager and desparate to seek out the cheapest feeling of happiness they can get their hands on...

What has been done so far on UK drug policy is clearly not working - its time for a complete rethink, and a radical change.


  1. Oh, I've definitely heard the argument that nobody should be allowed to buy artificial happiness/fun. Usually by po-faced shoe growers whose idea of fun is being knee deep in manure - "it's natural" see :)

    1. If poor people could be happy, the rich wouldn't have so much power/control over them... Can't have that!