Thursday 23 April 2015

For a better life cut out junk foods, just keep the good ones. And cut out the junk migrants, just keep the good ones.

I am pretty fed up with the British pro-EU establishment banging on about 'migration this, migration that' as if migrants are one indivisible blob of being. They talk as if the only choice is between migration with open borders or no migration at all - either you have unlimited migration or none. As if saying anything against any migrant can only mean that you want to end all migration and seal the UK's borders. There may be some in the country who want UK's borders sealed - but if so, I have never met or even heard of them.

In truth British pro-EU establishment have to do this, play this silly game of 'lets pretend we do not understand that there can be a situation other than completely open border or closed borders' because the real alternative of controlled borders with managed migration is not possible while the UK is in the EU. Because the EU control UK migration, and demand we have open borders, the British pro-EU establishment employ childish scare tactics pretending there is no other rational position so that it is nothing to do with the EU, just logic.

This is no different to a bottom of the range, nutrition-free, fat-loaded, additive packed, genetically modified, obesity in a bar, junk food supplier saying that 'food is essential to life, so you can't ban it'. Of course no one is going to think of banning all food just because someone is producing a harmful junk-food product.

In the same way no one (I know of) is suggesting banning migration (although some weird new-age Australian sect do claim to live with out food, on sunlight alone! so there may be some odd-balls who do), most if not all 'opponents of migration' simply oppose the current lack of control and management, just as people oppose obesity inducing junk-food.

Good, healthy, tasty, nutritious meals in sensible quantities are good for a body - Good healthy, decent, skilled migrants in sensible quantities are good for a country.

Bad, unhealthy, un-nutritious, fat laden meals eaten in large quantities are bad for a body and its health - Bad, unhealthy, unskilled, migrants in large quantities are bad for a country and its economy.

So control you intake - keep the good, reject the bad.

For a better life cut out junk foods, and the junk migrants. Just keep the good foods... and good migrants.

And never forget who these British pro-EU establisment people, who feigned incomprehension just to steamroller you into having their perverse, unhealthy beliefs imposed upon you. They include all the politicians of the Conservative Party, Labour Party, Liberal Democrat Party, the BBC, Common Purpose, the EU and many other groups who consider themselves the elite to control our lives.

Remember, and tell your children, never to trust them again. Take it Back.

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