Thursday, 30 April 2015 - How to listen(!?)

These are early days!

We are experimenting - and learning fast. But that learning needs feedback, so don't hesitate to contact us by email or on twitter @rfreeuk.

The eventual plan is to provide a full days listening, like having the radio on in the background all day. Broadly with a morning, working day, evening feel.

As a series of podcasts, you can speed up, skip, and jump around - so don't get bored!

  • If you don't like something or have heard it before etc - just skip it!
  • If you do like it great!
  • If you really like it, visit the original website (links from the show or from our website http://www.radiofreeukorg) and get more, subscribe directly, support the producer!
  • If the TTS is a bit slow - play at 1.5x speed (depending on your podplaying device)!
Live content - we have plans for 'just in time' content, so if you are online the schedule can be updated in real time - the schedule evolving during the day (quite a technical challenge!) - and to have a live audio feed directly from the site.

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