Thursday, 30 April 2015 - Its all about the Pods - Podio will kill the Radio Star - once it has the content - let 10,000 new pods bloom.

Its chicken and egg - without an audience people won't produce material/content/pods. But without content there will never be an audience!

Well, now the egg is cracking.

We are launching because we believe there is just about enough content now to start assembling an audience (thats you) and as you gather, other people (maybe even you) will see that producing material (new podcasts) is now worthwhile.

The material we are using to assemble our programming is made up a number of sources:

Firstly UK podcasts, this is the material we really want - talent making their own shows, that we can help spread to a wider audience - this is what we want to encourage, but as there hasn't been such a market for this material (until now) it is still a bit thin on the ground.

Secondly US podcasts - the material is great, but obviously not always as relevant to the UK - but will, hopefully, show our listeners the way and inspire them to produce their own UK versions of these shows.

Thirdly text to speech blogs, while there isn't so much podcasting in the UK there are blogs and websites - so we have setup a system where blogs and webpages can be read using the latest 'text to speech' technology. This isn't perfect, but please bear with it, and if you like the content (if not the voice) - email the blog owner and ask them to read their own blog, record it and add it to their postings - so making their blog a podcast, simple!

Fourthly I do some stuff - like this!

Finally - any other relevant audio content we can get that we think you might like.

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