Thursday, 30 April 2015 - now is the time.

The state loves monopolies - and it doesn't mind overly who owns them, as long as the state gets its pound of flesh in the form of tax.

Private monopolies tend to be easy to tax, the state can just send the tax bill to the companies HQ and it gets paid - the company passes the tax cost on to the consumer who has no real choice but to pay, because its a monopoly. In this way private monopolies are simply private tax collectors, taking money from us the consumer and passing it on to the state, all under the guise of providing its product/service.

Most public monopolies are actually much the same - the state will make out that they are run 'at arms length', filling the boardrooms with the usual shower of (so called) great and good on huge salaries and pensions, that is their kick back. And then tax the quango just the same, with the cost of those taxes being passed on to us, the poor consumer of this monopolised product or service.

This is how the BBC came about - it was the states monopoly on the airwaves. There is only so much radio spectrum, so the state allocated it all to itself and jealously guarded it - some older people will remember all the fuss there was over getting 'citizens band radio'established in the UK! Oh how jealously the state guarded its monopoly. It took years to get a tiny piece of the airwaves set aside for we plebs to use, and even then the state demanded licencing so it could get an extra pound of flesh from us.

But now things have changed - primarily thanks to our American cousins - we have the internet. The UK did have its own version long ago, but like all British state monopolies it was jealously guarded and controlled so grew twisted and stunted until it was swept aside and replace by the free market of technology that was the internet. Thousands of individual brains working on different parts of the solution with a framework so anything good/useful could be adopted and included - not the few state backed 'experts' deciding what is best for everyone else which is how the UK government prefers to work.

So now we have the internet - still substantially a free for all, but with huge sharks circling waiting for an opportunity to seize control, make it a monopoly and tax us for it until our pips squeak.

And those sharks are getting close - even the BBC is now bidding for the TV Licence - or 'television tax' - to be extended to be include a tax on us using the internet too.

The BBC (under the direction of those 'great and good') has abused its position for years primarily to preserve its own existence, but also to push the 'great and good's own agenda - a left wing agenda designed to keep the plebs all equal at the bottom of the heap in one anonymous mass, with the privileged, great and good elite lording it over us. We as 'comfortable' but limited pets/slaves/servants, they as free and unrestricted owners, masters and rulers.

Of course the BBC's 'great and good' know that their useless comfortable life styles are under threat and are fighting tooth and nail to keep their unearned, undeserved, unnecessary privilege. But if we work together we an make them an irrelevance and they will simply whither and die.

We simply don't need the BBC any more. There is no monopoly to be protected, unless they manage to steal our free access to the internet and monopolize it, they certainly used to have a special tax for the modems we used to access it in the early days. Anyone can make programmes, anyone can put programmes on the internet, anyone can provide links to those programmes, anyone can use those links to see he programmes. It just needs a critical mass to establish itself and the BBC becomes an irrelevance.

So here I am providing a platform for the public to find and access content - nothing is really ground breaking technology wise - but by providing a focus for the type of content the 'great and good' hate (that is liberty loving, small state, low tax, anti-EU kind of content), I hope to gather an audience that will allow a thousand new liberty loving podcasts to bloom.

Support me, support the pod makers, become a pod maker!, bring freedom of speech, thought and expression back to the UK, and never let it die.

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