Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Anti #UKIP, Channel 4 'journalist' (snork) @cathynewman shows more stupidity.

The figures I quoted weren't just about degree-level education, but schooling too. So 51 per cent of UKIP voters lack educational qualifications (defined by YouGov as GCSE level) of any sort, compared to 36 per cent for the Tories.

Lets see what this means if we accept it is true (rather than lies, damn lies, statistics...). It must mean either:-

1) LibLabCon are seen as serving the interests of academically clever people at the expense of the less clever. There is no shame in being less clever than others - by definition half the population are less clever than average, the other half are more clever than average! So LibLabCon unfairly disadvantaging half the population is a good reason to vote for a party that doesn't - so vote UKIP!


2) That these unqualified people are 'smart' but have been failed by the state education system - a system that LibLabCon have created and been responsible for for generations. In which case it is another good reason to reject those parties and support a party that wants to ensure the best education is available to all - so vote UKIP!

Which is it Cathy? By opposing UKIP you are either you support exploitation of half the population, or you are supporting the preservation of a state education system that has failed.

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