Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Race/Cultural wars coming to the UK.

Unless there is significant change, there will be a violent uprising in the UK.

It may already be too late to to stop it, because it so many different groups want it to happen.

1) The man who used to drive the Clapham omnibus.
His job has gone, he sees foreigners come to his country and receive more money from the taxpayer then he himself has ever received, even while working - he wants change.

2) The 'bog standard' young man.
He has never had a job that will lead to anything, and knows he probably never will, he is at the bottom of society and sees immigrants joining at a higher level than him. He has done nothing wrong so thinks 'anything is better that this' - he wants change.

3) The islamic young man.
He has never had a real job, and doesn't really want one, his 'gang' is his islamic community/circle of friends, he thinks he can make his mark by fighting a war in the name of his religion, first establishing Muslim Areas and building out from there - he wants war.

4) The Fascist and Anti-Fascist
Fascist/Anti-fascist - now the same thing, people in a gang seeking authoritarian control over others. Formerly a 'bog standard' young man now part of a wider gang looking to make their mark by fighting the 'other' gang - he wants war.

5) Politicians
Politicians want power, the more power the better, what better excuse to seize even more than by encouraging/allowing tension to build to the point of revolution? Bring in martial law and draconian big-brother authoritarian policies. Governments enjoy governing, they don't really care who they govern, as long as they have power. - war suits them fine.

6) The European Union
A major shake up is the perfect excuse to step in and dismantle the UK, break the people of England once and for all - ending centuries of English Libertarianism that has been a constant thorn in the side of authoritarian European politics/leaders.

Revolution suits all these people, because they don't like the way things are and think they can come out the other end in a better position - they can't all be right.

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