Saturday, 3 August 2013

The far left aren't #UKIP's only enemies - BALE attack even more fiercely.

The objective is not just to attack the individual, it is to sew the seeds of mistrust among all UKIP members - if this can be done, BALE and HnH/UAF can sit back eating popcorn while UKIP members attack each other using time/energy to damage UKIP instead of building it.

UKIP grass roots are getting it from all sides, but when you are sensibly in the middle, as UKIP are, that is what happens.

I blogged about HnH/UAF (Hope Not Hate/Unite Against Fascism) a short while back, for claiming to be 'anti fascist' but in practice being fascist themselves and attacking the moderate centre (UKIP), rather than authoritarian groups like the promoters of Sharia Law.

I only recently heard about BALE (Britons against Left-Wing Extremism), they appear to be a far right group and claim to oppose Hope Not Hate. However, from their actions it is clear that they, like HnH really want to attack the moderate centre (UKIP).

BALE are working with HnH (whether organised or just opportunistically) to disrupt UKIP's grass roots members.

The BALE attacks are using the same tactics that the BNP used (before it collapsed), so I assume BALE is really just a new front for disaffected ex-BNP supporters) - BALE picks an individual and then makes wild claims about them being a HnH infiltrator and a paedophile (for some reason BALE think everyone on the left is a paedophile, so everyone they attack is called a paedophile too).

While these attacks are in progress it is usual for fake profiles and pages to pop up on various social media in the name of the person being attacked, and for incriminating postings to be attached to them. These fake postings are then taken and used elsewhere as 'evidence' - removing them further from the original source and making them that bit harder to verify/disprove.

The objective is not just to attack the individual, it is to sew the seeds of mistrust among all UKIP members - if this can be done, BALE and HnH/UAF can sit back eating popcorn while UKIP members attack each using time/energy to damage UKIP instead of building it.

One person currently being attacked is Linda Reid - secretary of UKIP Brighton and Hove. I originally met her as she was a long time UKIP supporter and became my electoral agent in the 2010 general election and even since then we spent many days leafleting together and doing other UKIP work - I can say from experience and without hesitation that she is a first rate supporter of an Independent UK, she is honest, fair and has great integrity - a huge asset to UKIP and someone anyone would be proud to count as a friend.

As BALE have made such wild, incredible claims about someone I know well I believe everything else they say must be read knowing that they are untrustworthy and seek to damage UKIP. They as much an enemy of UKIP as HnH/UAF - and being anonymous dangerous in many different ways.

While on 'enemies' - I will mention the SLAT accounts (like SLATUKIP) - which I think is short for Sad Losers ATtack UKIP. They are just as keen to disrupt UKIP, and have cooperated (whether formerly or opportunistically) with both HnH/UAF and BALE against UKIP - their common enemy.

My advice? Ignore anonymous postings on the internet - if they don't have confidence to make themselves known, they aren't worth a second of a real persons time.


  1. I don't know who you're trying to fool by portraying UKIP as the "moderate centre". Yourselves, perhaps?

    My experience of the SLAT accounts is that they post factually accurate information. They simply point out idiocy from the right (eg UKIP) and laugh at it.

    BALE is the work of someone who needs serious psychological help.

    1. Readers may like to note that 'Dave Angel's experience of SLAT accounts is that he runs one! (I was tweeted by a SLAT account claiming this post).

      Odd that isn't mentioned here - eh?

      No, no surprise at all really - SLAT are BALE, HnH/UAF all misrepresenting themselves for the same purpose - can't believe a word they say.

  2. To launch anonymous personal attacks on any person, because of their political believe is cowardly especially when the allegations made are totally untrue, if you actually believe what you say to be true, than come out from behind the mask of an amenity but you wont do that will you, because if you did not only would you become a proven liar but face the prospect of having to pay a huge amount for defamation of character. How easy it’s become to sit at a keyboard and spew out hatred and vile lies
    that you would not dare to repeat in person.

    1. BALE and SLAT won't do that for exactly the reasons you state.

      They can say what they like because they are 100% unaccountable.

      Not like the brave people they attack - real people who have stood up for what the believe and so been put in their firing line.

      SLAT = Sad Losers, BALE = raBid Ars*hoLEs...

  3. Oh Slatty, Dave Angel, you really must stop being such an obvious bullshit merchant, do yourself a favour mate give it up, you are wasting your time.