Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Paulsops Fables and Fairy Tales: Creation vs Evolution

On a small planet in a galaxy far, far away...

A group of men and women sat around a table discussing the meaning of life, where they had come from, particularly whether they had been 'created' by some great inteligence, or had 'evolved' by chance and random event - and in any case would they 'owe' anything to a creator even if one existed?

Back on planet earth, in the board room of a hugely wealthy and powerful corporation they received a crackling transmission. A transmission secretly relaying this discussion, captured with microphones concealed in the very pod that had taken the first artificial organisms from earth to that small distant planet.

The people of that distant planet didn't know about the pod, nor the microphones, nor the transmissions - if they did, it would have answered the question they were now discussing. However, all that was about to change. The board of directors consulted a document drawn up billions of years earlier entitled "Intellectual Property Rights to Genesis DNA and all its descendent", the life was owned by them, by law, and they were about to start preparing to collect what was rightfully theirs - before it got too smart for them to recover...

What was the name of the planet that those distant creatures inhabited? Funnily enough, the creatures called their planet 'the earth' - orbiting the sun between venus and mars...

If you allow life to be owned, don't be surprised should you find yours has an owner (other than you) and they turn up to collect.

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