Sunday, 22 April 2012

Female Genital Mutilation... Cowardly Sunday Times.

This barbaric practice must be stamped out in the UK - Is everyone entrusted with power (every Government Minister, every MP, every Police Officer, ever Jounralist, every Parent, every Citizen) too cowardly to act?
Paul Perrin

The Sunday Times reports 100,000 British victims of this barbaric practice - carried out while they are British Citizens. Many not actually performed in this country, but some reportedly so.

Like so many reports, the cowards raising the issue shy away from pointing the finger where it really belongs. Instead they report on doctors and even dentists who offered to perform, or arrange for the procedure to be carried out.

But who are the real criminals? It is the parents. The parents (or guardians) entrusted with the care over a child who choose to have this grievous bodily harm and sexual abuse inflicted on their innocent charges.

Child sexual abuse has been given a special status in the UK - even if committed abroad, you can be prosecuted for it in the UK.

All parents of children who have been cut in this way, must be held to account - personally and individually - if found guilty the should be named, shamed and (if possible) stripped of their citizenship and their responsiblity for looking after children, or even coming into contact with them.

Illegally interfering with a childs genitalia is defacto sexual abuse - when will the police move? Where are the thousands of parents going to be locked up? Where are the children, taken in to care going to be housed?

Act now or be classed as savages, part of a huge step backwards for the UK.


  1. To remove a persons right to sexual pleasure for life without their consent, and by means of a deliberate physical assault, resulting in mutilation, is a gross abuse of any human's rights. And on many levels. Sexual assault may have a different classification. The perverse act by the perpetrator indeed, but not for sexual gratification. Rather an act of mutilation on one's own child to enhance their marriage prospects. A financial rather than sexual deviance perhaps? However, Britain upholds its laws with discrimination for a variety of reasons. The motives of Global soft power, economic advantage and tolerance, pale next to the hypocrisy and cowardice of our leaders. It is not a balance well struck and something should be done to hold the perpetrators of this cruelty to account.

  2. Thank you for your action. Join Carly Bryant:

    and Keith:

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    1. Thanks for your comment - am glad that others are also concerned.

      The UK government show astonishing complacency - the claim there is no 'proof'.

      I see a couple of the people you link to are in Brighton... if a campaign gets underway, I'd be pleased to hear about it.