Saturday, 7 April 2012

Have a bit of pride, the LibLabCon social democrats are for losers.

A dozen years of Labour government under Blair/Brown stripped the British people of their pride. Stripped them of their pride in 'doing things for themselves', 'working hard for good rewards', 'playing hard because it had been earned', 'taking care of themselves'.

Under John Major the previous Conservative administration got more votes than ever they did under Margaret Thatcher! It was a last ditch regrouping - Thatcher had instilled a confidence in the people of the nation that they could each be masters of their own destiny, and (now without Thatcher to maintain it) much of the nation desperately wanted to beleive that Major could continue it.

The choice for voters, wanting to keep their freedom and independence, was made easier by Labour having the buffoon of a welsh windbag Neil Kinnock leading them. In 1977 William Hague made a speech (as a 16 year old!) had captured the tone that lasted almost 15 years ( Kinnock was everything that was despised at the time - he supported dependency on the state, reward for mediocrity, limiting the benefit you could get from your own hard work, and end to personal reward for personal success. And the voters turned out and voted in record numbers for the (hoped for) heir to Thatcher/Hague individual freedom and pride, against the rush for mediocrity and dependency of the Labour party under Kinnock.

Unfortunately, Major did not live up to his promise, he simply did not have the leadership qualities to keep the Conservative party under control. So when Tony Blair came on the scene, aparantly rejecting the call to slothful of the Kinnock years, seeming to offer Thatchers pride with a twist more compassion for those who didn't flourish under their own steam or by their own efforts, then the die was cast and New Labour rose to power.

But while Blair's New Labour was busy fronting up the party, the old dark heart of Labour was busy in the Treasury under Brown. Over a dozen years, The smiling snake oil sales man Blair convinced people that everything was rosy, while Brown in the Treasury cut freedom, independence and self-sufficiency off at the knees - turning a nation of shopkeepers into a nation of welfare dependants, and robbing people of the pride they once had.

The Conservative party had a string of failed leaders (including William Hague, who had so capture the tone in 1977) - they failed because they didn't recognise what had happened to the country under New Labour - they were appealing to proud people who no longer existed, such people had been forced to change under New Labour rule.

Eventually David Cameron took charge and turned the Conservative party completely - he recognised what had happened under New Labour and had a choice - whether to appeal to people to rebuild their lost pride and progress again to self motivation, individual reward for personal effort, or whether to pander to the culture created under New Labour. He went for the latter - and where Blair had won as 'Conservatism but with an extra twist of compassion', Cameron now offered 'New Labour but with an extra twist of capitalism'.

This is where we are now - with the three old parties all offering slightly different flavours of the same dish - 'social democracy' - socialism with elections. A system that  that eats away at the motivation and pride of the workers from the bottom, so turning layer after layer of workers into state dependants. A system that will keeps going until so much has been eaten away that what remains simply cannot afford to support the increasing number of dependants any more.

LibLabCon - all social democrats now - you can't get a fag paper between them - but professional politicians are well paid however badly the country performs, so what do they really care?

The people of the UK only have one way out - and that is to build a path out of this social democracy nightmare, out of state dependency and back to self-sufficiency, self-motivation, reward for effort, a better standard of living by working rather then taking state handouts.  Where work brings rewards and Welfare as an essential safety net for the desperate, not a fun trampoline for the feckless.

Only UKIP even recognise that such a path is needed - and UKIPs' 6 point plan is the overview of how it can and will be delivered. The sooner the UK turns itself around, the sooner we will get back to where we should be as a first rate nation for our citizens and a first rate nation in the world.

(UKIP 'What We Stand For'


  1. Paul we have an uphill struggle with the Brain dead still voting for the Lib Lab Con These morons have thicker skulls and it needs Jack hammers to get anything in their heads

  2. go to which explains how We can get rid of the EU/ECHR along with it the LibLabCon Party by 10-000 strong blockade of Parliament & General strike

  3. with UKIP poised to win the Elections in May 2014 UKIP & other Groups tired of the LibLabCon Party to step forward but be quick the alternative is Marxist Miliband as PM