Thursday, 26 April 2012

LibLabCon - you can't get a fag paper between them - #UKIP are the game changer.

Cameron and Co's problem is they exactly the nasty, old school, right wing, undeserving, toffs that the left wing are quite correct in objecting to. Cameron, Osborne et al know they don't deserve and haven't earned what they have, that they are throwbacks to an age that should have long passed.

Cameron and Co can't beleive that they are still getting away with it, so dare not make any waves that will accelerate their eradication. Unfortunately Cameron and Co see social democrats as the biggest threat to their unearned privilege, so it is to the left, the socialists, the social democrats that they make concessions, it is these social democrats that they dare not provoke.

Cameron and Co dare not provoke the socialists so follow their agenda with just a slight tweak to ensure that their own undeserved privilege is preserved.

While the battle is between undeserving toffs clinging on to undeserved power, wealth and privilege vs undeserving social democrats tying to usurp undeserved power, wealth and privilege for themselves, while this is the battle then real people, earned reward, liberty, merit, and equality of opportunity doesn't get a look in.

We are locked into an uneasy acceptance of a model that keeps the leaders of the left and the right in comfortable 'competition' while neither have any intention or interest in improving the lives of us, the masses.

LibLabCon - you can't get a fag paper between them. People who reject this phoney competition are joining and supporting UKIP - a fresh choice for the UK, a fresh choice for the people of the UK.

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