Wednesday, 3 August 2011

I was asked what I thought of David Cameron's Big Aid Giveaway...


Firstly I believe people are perfectly capable of deciding for
themselves where their money should be spent - to extract money from
the public through taxation for issues that the Prime Minister
considers 'humanitarian' or 'charitable' causes robs individuals of
the opportunity to choose what they do or don't want to support.
Compulsion precludes charity, there is no virtue in compulsion. You
chip away at the humanity of millions of UK citizens by abusing them
in this way.

Secondly I notice that the Ensus 'Bio-Fuel' plant in Wilton is
designed to consume around 3,000 tonnes of wheat a day - enough for
around 6.4 million loaves of bread. Maybe not top quality wheat, but I
don't think the hungry would mind second rate wheat in their bread.
This destruction of a food crop (and other damage done by 'bio fuels'
and 'green taxes') is made profitable by the Governments artificial
loading of the tax system, does this make you feel proud?

David Cameron's bleeding heart' abuse of the poor of the UK to
aggrandise his reputation abroad quite simply disgusts me.

Yours Sincerely

Paul Perrin

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