Sunday, 7 August 2011

Cameron openly confirms himself EU-phile and his contempt for UK citizens.


Cameron confirmed as a devious EU-phile - committed to end the UK. Here are a few choice bits of deception by Cameron.

we had a referendum on that issue in 1975

No 'we' didn't I was 10 in 1975, and the question was regarding a 'common market' not an 'european community' even less an 'european union'. A single market for europe is good, a single government for europe is bad, very bad.

most people in our country want to say neither ‘yes’ to everything from the EU, nor ‘no’ to everything

Outside the EU we can choose what we want and dont, in the EU qualified majority voting means we are told what we can and cant choose between.

we are not part of the Schengen Zone but have kept control of our own border controls

We do not control our borders - we keep out non-EU workers we don't require, but unwanted EU workers cannot be kept out. Outside the EU we would really have control of our borders and sort out our unemployment problems.

just as, crucially, we have kept the pound.

But being in the EU means we have had to contribute to Euro bailouts that are *nothing* to do with us - outside the EU we would keep the pound an not have to pay for Eurozone bailouts.

And we should not lose sight of the EU’s very useful work

The EU can continue doing whatever 'useful' work it wants for its members. But outside the EU, the UK can focus on doing what is useful for the UK.

The Government has also introduced a European Union Bill

What a government puts in place a government can remove - this offers the public no protection. And is so narrowly defined that it is still of no practical use.

ensuring that the lifting of regulatory burdens on businesses, particularly small businesses

Burdens put in place by the EU in the first place! Outside the EU these burdens to the UK economy could be removed completely.

the Prime Minister would never allow our country to slide into a federal Europe.

The risk right now is not of a federal Europe, it is of a centrally governed Europe. Claiming to be against the frying-pan but not the fire is no use to anyone.

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