Monday, 8 August 2011

What the people of the UK really think about our recent Governments - WOW!

A Recent Survey

A recent survey by YouGov is completely stunning.

It was done on behalf of the Fabians society who are a very left wing, big government, anti-individual, collectivist supporting organisation.

The Fabians have only been promoting one figure from the survey - the one that appears to support their cause. Pretty much every other figure on the survey completely destroys their cause, and so (unsurprisingly) those figures have been kept under wraps.

However they are now available - here:


Of particular interest are the facts that while only 23% of people said government is generally a force for good a massive 32% said the governments gets in the way and reduces the quality of life of them and their families.

Three times as many people thought government should cut spending and taxes as thought they should rise. Although even more said 'fariness' (whatever that is) is more important than whether they immediately go up or down.

Twice as many people thought that benefits should be cut as opposed to rising. While a similar number, again, said 'fairness' was the most important issue.

Government 'added value' on public services...

Only 8% of people said the services they received were worth MORE than they were paying for them. And while 15% said they got back what they put in, a massive 55% (an absolute majority!) said the public services provided by the government were worth LESS than they were paying in taxes for them.

A paradox?...

Given the above, it may seem strange that people seem to want the current 'cuts' to be temporary -- however I think there is an easy explanation for this.

Despite the inefficiency, burden and general contempt for the government and its provision of services - to most people the government is still a monopoly supplier. People don't want to lose the services, so feel obliged to pay whatever it takes to get those services, and not to give the government any excuse to reduce them.


Given the massive inefficiency and failure of recent governments to provide value for money, or help the public time for change cannot be far away.

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