Monday, 17 June 2013

How Feminism screwed up its opportunity.

Before 'feminism' men were the bread-winners and spent their time as part of the rat-race, women were the home-makers with spare time to spend on voluntary and other activities.

This put women in the fantastic position of having time to plan for huge improvements in society, a chance to challenge the political status quo - something that working-men simply didn't have the time/energy to do.

As the feminist movement developed looking at new politics and improving society something went wrong, very wrong.

Instead of seeking to improve society for everyone - men, women and families - feminism became a simplistic sexist attack force. Big new ideas were banished and all that was left was a demand that women be  'allowed' to give up the role/space that they had and simply join the working-men in the rat-race.

An amazing opportunity was squandered - as free people demanded the right to become slaves...

Imagine the 'Occupy' protesters gradually demanding (and getting) the right to become overpaid, under performing bankers... That what feminism has done - instead of changing anything for the better, just become exactly what it set out to change...



  1. This is irony, right?

  2. Anonymous? That is a feminist moron right?