Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Socialism - not in our imperfect world...

Want to see socialism in action? Look at the rubbish blowing around the streets of Brighton.

In the name of socialism the bin men are unionised, but the union put their own interests ahead of the public - so hold the residents to ransom to extract more money from them.

In the name of socialism the council provides bin collection, but this take responsibility away from the people - making them lazy, unthinking and dependent. Who cares how much rubbish they produce if they have already paid for it to be collected?

In the name of socialism the council is responsible for keeping streets clean, but this takes responsibility away from the people too - its not their problem. If someone drops rubbish in the street it no ones business - the council are paid to clean up.

This happens to 'socialism' every time. 'The people' are sold the mirage of everything belonging to every one, of every one being responsible for everything, everyone having a say on everything. But soon an elite takes over and claims to be 'the people', while the people are sidelined owning nothing, responsible for nothing, having a say on nothing.


  1. "Brighton Greens are dead - most want Jason Kitcat to step down because he isn't loony enough for them!!"

    Oh dear another UKIP loon who deserves a beating

    1. Oh, violence - the only answer that far left and far right fascist have - you disgust me.