Monday, 17 June 2013

Brighton Eco Show at the Brighton Centre - Future of Electric Cars.

At the show last week end there was a seminar with three pro-Electric Cars (or EV's Electronic Vehicles).

They spoke about many things that they though were 'important'or'great' about EVs, here are some with my observations.

1) You really need to know how you will use your EV before choosing one - short, long, commuting etc.


You will own a car for 5 to 10 years... your needs/use will almost certainly CHANGE in that time. Heck, I am on a bog standard mobile phone deal because I never know how I'll be using it so don't go for special mobile tariffs! How do I know what use my car will be put to over the next 5-10 years.

As it happens I tow a mobile camper, I fairly often take 4 or 5 other passengers. I also pop down to the sea front to collect a son from the bus stop to save a 30min walk (since the 52 bus route was messed up by the greens)

2) Electric cars are pollution free.


The electricity (or hydrogen) is generated somewhere - the pollution is just shifted.

3) You drive better because you have an eye on energy use.


Is driving for better 'energy use' actually better driving for road use safety? I often floor the gas it in my car to join a motorway. I break hard if it is needed (being cut up etc) too. I keep a safe distance but move with the traffic its about other vehicles, not my fuel consumption.

4) With a hybrid you don't need to worry about range.


You spend your whole time consuming fuel (electric or petrol) hauling around the other motor that you aren't using! And I'll bet the servicing is a good chunk more than for a single engine.

5) Electric cars are great for car clubs, one club car takes 20 other cars off the road - cutting pollution and congestion.


Those other 20 other cars would be *parked* if they aren't actually being used - Car Club cars don't cut journeys, just physical numbers of vehicles.

6) Energy feed in tariffs mean you can have the electricity for your car *free*.


Those feed in tariffs are artificial - set by the government to encourage take up - how many people got diesel cars because they were encouraged too by low diesel duty, but now pay more than for petrol?!

Also the feed in tariffs are paid by tax on other peoples energy bills - you can bet the poor don't have solar panels etc... so they are picking up the bill for wealthier people who do have capital to invest on such things!

Electric Car? No Thanks!

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