Saturday, 3 March 2018

Sussex Police vs @pperrin - the beginning of the end...

Dear Ms K*** (officer of the Sussex Police),

I am finally in a position to start to counter your vindictive, personal, nasty and outright evil campaign against me.

Your outright lies, duplicity and misinformation are plain by comparing the live recordings against your deceitful notes.

As I said right at the start, everything about the matter was in the public domain right at the start, before you arrested me - either you had a case from day one or you didn't - there is no case now, so you never had one, there was no reason for arrest.

But to please the press you arrested me anyway - and then spent six months trying to 'fit me up'.

I broke no law, every competent person involved agrees that I broke no law the first legal advice you got (having lazily not bothered to get advice before the arrest) says there was no legal case -- only *you* ever tried to prove otherwise.

You have the arrogance to send me a letter 'warning' me where free speech becomes illegal - but *you* are the only person who is not competent to judge!! Everyone else knows my tweets were legal, only *you* thought otherwise.

I said I had broken no law, your legal person said I had broken no law, the CPS said I had broken no law -- only *YOU* said otherwise, it is you who needs advice, instruction, education... Your ignorant and arrogant letter when you admitted defeat and could raise no charge against me, was so impertinent as offered me advice... wake up lady, it is you who needs to take advice, not me - it is only you who was wrong!

Anyway - there is a long way to go, but the evidence is massing against your nasty,vindictive, corrupt attack on me (a simple, innocent, pleb) and I intend to be compensated in full.


Paul Perrin (the innocent victim of your hate).

p.s I have *** your name so posting this all over social media isn't 'personal'.

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