Monday, 24 July 2017

Dont use the hashtag #CounterJihad !!

Ok, why not? Well I used it once, thinking it was original and to refer to responses to Islamic terror attacks in the UK.

However, I learned from the police that this is a hashtag that sets their alarms ringing. When I subsequently researched it, it transpires that counter jihad is a phrase used by some to refer to the 'Pan European White Supremacy Movement'. Oops...

Anyway, why mention it now? Well my investigatuion led onto a group called 'The Identitarians'. Who some consider part of the White Supremicist Counter Jihad movement (admittedly this is by Hope Not Hate who are complete nutters, funded by Soros and run by a lunatic - and behind physical attacks on Nigel Farage and organisers for Black Block the masked loons who riot under the cover of 'counter protest' whenever non-Marxists gather for any kind of event).

Now the Identitarians are newsworthy right now because the Daily Mail's Katie Hopkins and former Rebel Media star (and male attack helicopter) Lauren Southern have been covering their latest exploit.

And that exploit is..  a crowd funded African refugee rescue ship in the Mediterranean.

The Identitarians pitch is as a group interested in maintaining the traditional cultures and diversity of the European nations, and as such they are not happy about mass migration from Africa. They are particularly unhappy about the existing NGO 'rescue' boats picking up boat loads of Africans just off the African coast and them ferrying them all the way from Africa to continental Europe!

The Identitarians declared plan is to offer their own rescue service, picking up ('rescuing') boat loads of Africans just off the African coast and then quickly returning them to the nearest African port. Saving many hours of travel time, so being available for far more rescues and avoiding the mass migration issues that have been plaguing the EU for a very long time now.

The rented ship 'C Star' is getting close to its rescue holding position now, you can track it here!

And they tweet here

Are they good guys? Who can know? But it is unfortunate neither Katie nor Lauren ended up going on board.

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