Monday, 3 July 2017

The Three parts of Free Speech.

1) Illegal Free Speech (specific death threats, specific incitement to illegal activity etc)

2) Legal  Free Speech (theatrical exclamations around difficult issues etc)

3) Politically correct bollox.

No one cares about 3, it is meaningless platitudes and drive.

Many people have qualms about 1 'Shouting fire in a crowded theatre' etc.

But 2 is where the real risk to our liberty lies -- those who seek to silence us attack legal free speech, they seek to convince us that it is actually illegal, or that it is so close to illegal it is not safe for us to speak at all. They suspend, investigate and maybe even prosecute - knowing there will be no conviction, no law has been broken, but also knowing that many others will now be worried about similar baseless accusations and will so just keep quiet - their free speech will be chilled.

This is why I am looking to get people together and maybe a fund to help protect those who are in group 2, but are being persecuted anyway, people like myself! Public sector workers (esp teachers etc) who have their valid, legal views silenced from fear of persecution.

If enough of we individual citizens stand up to this then we can beat the bastards!

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