Friday, 25 November 2016

The Truth About Jo Cox and Thomas Mair...

Their mistake was that Thomas Mair was more bitter and determined than they expected and the people present at the surgery - whilst massively brave - were not strong enough to subdue the shooter after the first shot.

What was the whole thing all about?

Grab that bacofoil and start folding, then start reading...

Thomas Mair was a loner and a bit unstable, he was easy prey to evil elements who may have need of a 'spectacular' at some point to give the public and politics a 'nudge' if they weren't going the right way... the 'right way' being what ever kept those evil elements supplied with wealth and power.

The UK was on track to vote to leave the EU - this was well known officially, while the usual fake poll results said otherwise, this was just to demoralise the leave camp and keep the remainers motivated.

Among Thomas Mair's personal library of Nazi related books there were some unusual items and some entirely out of place items. One such entirely out of place was a book on the assassination of JFK, of the unusual items was half a shelf of books on Nazi head wear and helmets.

Jo Cox gave every appearance of being a 'bright young thing' despite holding extremist and deeply oppressive and authoritarian political views - she was photogenic with a young family. Indeed, and ironically, the very model used in Nazi propaganda promoting their totalitarian master race.

Thomas Mair was pretty much the complete opposite, scraping through life having missed any opportunity that had come his way (assuming any had come his way). No proper job, a council house that the council wanted to move him out of, no friends and just a few relatives some of whom he was not on good terms with.

What better 'spectacular' than to have the bright young thing grievously attacked by the drop out - the dirty little Englander attacking the divine Europa. Associating Britain and the UK with failure, disappointment, poverty and violence and the EU with an angelic vision being torn down by bitterness from the past?

How might this mega-nudge (shove) help the remainers campaign to stay in the EU? It would be a landslide for them, as everyone not entirely committed to reasserting liberty in the UK would seek to distance themselves from this monster and offer their supplication to the angel - and do so by voting 'remain'.

That was the plan the evil forces hatched - they had a victim and a potential perpetrator, they simply had to persuade the perpetrator and then bring the two together.

There were two shooting incidents in the JFK assassination the shooting of JFK and the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald. Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald with a single shot to the head at close range - the epitome of an assassination.

This is the vision Mair was sold as per the JFK book, that he would approach the MP fire a single shot and it would all be over, a 'clean' and decisive assassination - which he could then use to promote whatever message it was that he wanted to draw attention to, foolishly convinced that he would be helping whatever cause it was that he was promoting. Or maybe simply to go down in history, to finally make a mark in life - however dirty a mark it may be.

However, this scenario didn't entirely match the evil forces real intention. Their real plan was to make Jo Cox an angel on earth, the new Lady Di but still alive to wield her new found power indefinitely, she was not to die, she was to be grievously injured in the attack but to continue to campaign with all the new found power that the sympathy and disgust would bring to her.

So they armed Thomas Mair - with the least dangerous firearm they could devise - a tiny, .22, cut down, single shot, bolt action, 'pistol'. Difficult and slow to reload, smallest calibre, lowest power bullets available, and to top it off, cut down to such a length that the bullet would hardly have started moving by the time it left the barrel... Fully expecting any wound it created would be entirely survivable.

Their mistake was that Thomas Mair was more bitter and determined than they expected and the people present at the surgery - whilst massively brave - were not strong enough to subdue the shooter after the first shot.

When Thomas pulled the trigger he expected it to all be over - like the Dallas shooting, bang, victim down, job done, surrender and prepare for fame. But the bullet, so under-powered by the careful engineering on the gun and ammunition, bounced off her head - causing an external wound, but no penetrating damage, certainly not to the brain.

In the confusion this caused he had time to reload and shoot  twice more, to little more effect - but he also had a dagger with him and had time to use it, just about over coming his aversion to blood he made many small stabbing wounds,  rather ineffectually with no single decisive fatal wound but enough that his victim would eventually bleed to death after he had left the scene.

A disaster for all concerned it would seem - but not quite. While it is a disaster for the individuals directly involved with at least two lives thrown away, for the dark forces it was just a blip, a small set back, they still have others to call on (wittingly or otherwise), to block the referendum result and now we see them arriving - Blair, Campbell, Branson, Major and more.

And should the referendum result not be honored? They will still be there - Soros, Gates and others known and unknown to us... their power isn't disappearing anytime soon, not unless we seize the opportunity and take it all back...


This isn't a serious academic work - if you need to be told this, then get off the internet now!!
But, I don't want to mislead people - so...

1) Ruby did not kill Oswald with a single shot to the head, it was a point blank shot to the body with a .38

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