Monday, 17 September 2007

Labours Economic Incompetence

Labour inherited an economy on the up, and despite their general stupiditiy they managed not to cock up the headline figures over the years.

However, behind the scenes they have completely screwed up the economy and the peoples finances. And all this with out a whimper from the supposed 'opposition' parties.

Pensions are completly bust in the UK (unless you are an MP of course!); gold was virtually given away in exchange for bland euros; tax has become a weapon to attack the public rather than its proper function as funding national interests; it is harder for people to generate wealth as they are taxed on money they have yet to earn, and their property is stealthily taken from them by the governement - forcing them into public sector jobs and so in hock to the labour government so ensuring the continuance of the corrupt labour era in which we currently live.

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