Sunday, 16 September 2007

Gordon Brown - The old Soviet solution.

Gordon Brown wants to be in power for a very long time.

Every leader knows that acheiving this is not dependant on you do well yourself, but on neutralising the opposition.

Gordon Browns every action is tuned to this outcome - the latest attempts to embrace members of other political parties shows this very clearly, if everyone is in hoc to Brown for their position, noone is going to rock the boat against him.

Government by Consensus is alien to England and the English way of life - it is undemocratic and fundametally attacks the individuals opportunity for freedom.

The Lib Dems (who remembers them?) are cowtowing to Brown just as deeply as they can, and some well known Tories seem to be leaning the same way.

Brown and the Brown-Nosers are the biggest threat to the Free People of England that could be imagined - Brown must be stopped, while we still have a system to do it.

Getting rid of leaders is the greatest power we currently (seem) to have - we didn't put Brown in his current post, and this usurping must end.

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