Monday, 4 June 2007

Too Many Infants, Too Much Nanny

The infantisation of the Brittish public by the government really has to stop.

Yet again more restrictions and controls are being proposed and they are being promoted as the precise opposite - additional freedoms, less intervention.

To protect the British way of life it is essential that our politicians are reigned in, and put firmly in thier place - as our servants, not our leaders. The prime minister may lead his party and may lead the house of commons, but he/she has no place attempting to lead any British citizen.

The enless cries by politicians that the public 'dont understand' and just need to be better 'educated' (until they agree with what the politicians wanted all along) must stop.

Parliamentry scrutiny means nothing for the British people - Parliament is run by politicians, for politicians. They only scrutinise for their own protection, not ours.

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