Monday, 4 June 2007

Immigration to the UK - For Our Weather?

Why do immigrants come to the UK?

It isn't for our weather.

The UK is attractive because it is essentially safe and peaceful - and as a result effort peoples effort can be put into building additional wealth rather then expended on pure survival.

However there is no abolute need for immigrants to physically reside on these islands to benefit from peaceful safety - instead we should export our peaceful, safe, way of life to other geographic areas where out admirers can receive these benefits without moving so far from home.

People who want to benefit from the British way of life should be provided with a suitable area of land in their originating country in which to receive those benefits.

We need to franchise the British system to other locations, and (as with any franchise) retain complete control of the system - Immigrants come to the UK despite the fact they have had no previous say over the way Britain is run; often they are leaving countries where they have, indeed had a say in their running, and they accept that they still prefer what we have done here without them. It is a natural consequnce of this to see that there is no need for them to have a significant say in the future running of any British franchised colony - with the notable exceptions of the British populated world (America, Canada, Austrialia) few non-european countries could be considered anywhere near as desirable places to live as Britain.

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