Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Police - criticised for lack of arrests, so will now arrest just about anybody - they don't care who!

There was a report not so long ago criticising the police for arresting far fewer people now that they used to...

But also that in some areas arrests were going up!

And then I saw this report on a 'drugs bust'...

Notice - eight people were arrested... but two were 'released on bail' and six were 'released under investigation'.

What is the significance of this?

Well if you are 'released on bail' the police have 28 days to make a case and either charge you or let you go - they do this if they actually think they have a case and can do the paperwork in the next four weeks (if they need more time they have to satisfy a judge in court that there is in a case and it really does need more time).

But if you are 'released under investigation'  there is no time limit! the police need never actually make a case against you - you could be left under their supervision for the rest of your life with no charge, no discharge without judicial/court intervention and no right to judicial/court intervention - all this on the whim of one investigating officer!

'Released under investigation' is quite a new device, created by the nasty and stupid current prime minister Theresa May when she was Home Secretary - and while it is good she no longer has that role, she appointed Amber Rudd an even nastier and stupider person to replace her.

This came about because of a few high profile cases (such as Cliff Richard) where very slow police progress meant they were left 'on bail' for very, very long periods of time (years) - all the time having to be renewed by a judge/court every 28 days.

The 28 day limit was an excellent safeguard against our ever more officious and unreliable police services -- because a judge was regularly called in to decide if the police were actually working properly, or just persecuting an innocent individual. This ties in well with traditional English justice, from Magna Carta and before, where no man could be subject to legal/state action without a fair hearing and due process.

Theresa May, being a very stupid person, has no understanding of such issues and sees no need for the public to be safeguarded against the likes of her and her kind. So she simply ripped the courts out of the process and gave the police discretion to judge themselves - amazingly enough the police always think they are doing the right thing... something we know to be false as their faults are proven by every case and bail hearing that has ever gone against them!!

Theresa May's 'Released under Investigation' is an absolute step towards a police state - which the police have seized with gusto.

Every decent Englishman (male and female) should be very, very concerned. Theresa May cannot be trusted, and if we lose the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) before we have a proper replacement there will be nothing stopping the government, state and police becoming the tyrants they so want to be.

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