Monday, 4 January 2016

'Money' a proxy for communication - now redundant. Money is dead, so is tax, so is big government.

The future is nearly here... And big government is not a part of it.

Why do we have 'money'?

Because otherwise a man with honey wanting nails has to find a nail maker who wants honey... Or find someone who will take honey for something the nail maker wants and do a three way trade etc... and that just isn't practical! Is it?

Oh... this here internet... honey for nails? honey for widgets, for gidgets, for zidgets for nails? No problem... Whatever you have, whatever you want - the internet is the great, global swap-shop.

Gold standard ? Pah! Better than that... Asset Standard. Nothing to be underwritten, your stuff *is* your stuff.

So money is substantially redundant - what else does that mean? Well it means the state monopoly on money issuing is dead... and with it goes governments primary tool to tax us and steal our assets for their own use... they can't print money and so steal from everyone of us. If they want stuff from us they have to come to our doors and steal it in person (as per the original tax collectors).

The money-changers that are the central banks can be thrown out of our temple of liberty.

Free trade? as a concept it is virtually meaningless. You have cars, I have steel - I will trade you steel for cars. No worries about me buying cars for 'money' and then you refusing to let me sell my steel to get the 'money' - you take what I have or there is no deal. Don't take what I have and you have no customer.

The future is nearly here... And big government is not part of it.

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