Saturday, 16 March 2013

Minimum Pricing - First they came for the untouchables.

Minimum unit pricing for alcohol is being promoted by many groups - particularly those of a nannying, lefty bent. However, even some of a more conservative nature seem to be supporting this bandwagon.

To me as a believer in equality and freedom, this is an attack on the humanity of a group of our own citizens.

I know of no one who is asking/demanding that they pay more for alcoholic drinks themselves.

The entire minimum pricing programme is being promoted by one group, to be inflicted on another group - the smug, comfortable, faux-compassionate, do-gooders inflicting and imposing their will, against the will if their less comfortable, poorer, vulnerable victims.

The promoters of minimum pricing have done well to bring about this divisive alignment - to put themselves in a group, with no accountability to anyone else, with apparent power over another group unable to defend themselves. Creating a society where men are no longer equal - instead we have the coercers and the coerced, with no election or battle, a simple coup d'etat.

Poor peoples access to alcohol is to be restricted - no such restriction will be placed on any other part of society. Would a wealthier part of society accept a restriction placed only on themselves? Ban the middle class from driving? Ban the mega rich from skiing? Or even banning either of these groups from consuming alcohol? If not then why is it that the current target group are seen as acceptable victims of this coercion? Simply because they are poor and without political influence or power?

To treat the poor in our society with such high handed prejudice disgusts me to the core. Supporters of this shameful proposal disgust me equally. If this goes through, then I can only hope that one day they too will find themselves in a similar position of those they seek to oppress today, and get to feel their own boot stamping on their faces...

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