Saturday, 4 August 2012

Third World Ghettos in the UK - Must be cleared.

With the conviction of a girls parents for her murder. Murdered in the UK for behaving like the British Citizen she was, rather than the Muslim/Pakistani her parents wanted her to be. It is time to face down the multi-culturalists and their fundamentally flawed philosophy.

Here in the UK we have allowed third world ghettos to be established, ghettos populated by people with no interest in the UK other than the security and wealth that they can take from it. And as can be seen form the case mentioned above, anyone wanting to better themselves, become properly British and contribute to UK society is liable to be put to death - especially if they are female.

More than simply 'allowing' these stains on our country to exist, many (particularly on the left) have actively encouraged the establishment of these 'communities'. The irony that these lefty campaigners also pretend to support issues such as womens right would be laughable if it weren't so deadly.

Here, today, in the UK we have citizens (often girls) being bullied, beaten, having their genitals mutilated and even being murdered - usually by their own families, and with the full approbation of their deviant communities. Meanwhile the good, honest British public have been cowed into silence by years of the mobbing call of 'rascist' when ever any concern, however justified and reasonable has been raised.

These third world ghettos must be eradicated from the UK, they have not place here - like the slum clearances of the past this is something that has to be done and can only be done from the outside.

The UK has many communities, what makes them compatible with the British way of life is that people are free to join or leave them as they wish. Closed communities and no go areas cannot be tolerated here and will not go away by themselves.

The British citizens desparately trying to escape these ghettos deserve our help and support - those who seek to hold them back must be condemned and convicted for the evil they do to those around them and the damage they do the the UK as a whole.

Racists do not see these communities or any of their members as really 'British' so are happy for them to exist and run themselves - multi-culturalism is predicated on active racism. I do see these people as British, which is why I cannot accept those who behave as if they are still in their third world societies, nor allow their chidrens rights as British citizens to be ignored.

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