Thursday, 16 June 2011

UK Liberation - June 2014 : Lets make EU2014 a referendum on EU membership.

The people of the UK want a referendum on the EU, we were promised a referendum on the EU, we were denied our referendum on the EU.

June 2014 will see the next election of MEPs to the EU parliament - we can make this a de-facto referendum on our continued membership of the EU.

In June 2014 UK citizens can use this election to tell the government at Westminster that they have had enough of the European Union, that they want their MPs (elected to the UK parliament at Westminster) to be answerable only to the people of the UK. That they do not want their MPs to be answerable to the 27 unelected, unaccountable commissioners who govern the EU.

Outside the EU, some things will change, our government at Westminster will be directly accountable only to us, UK citizens and voters, not to an unelected EU commission. Your directly elected and accountable MP at Westminster will be part of the top governing body of the UK, running the UK for our benefit. UK will not simply 'give' £130bn of UK taxpayers money to other EU states each year, UK will not have to give UK jobs to foreign citizens while we pay our citizen to sit at home unemployed, nor pay UK taxpayer funded benefits to foreign families back home in their own EU country.

Even with the UK outside the EU, many thing will not change, the UK will still trade with the countries of Europe and they with us, people from the UK will holiday in Europe and they here, and when there is work to be done we will still be able to work in Europe and they here.

Outside the EU, the UK will also be free to develop better trading relationships with the rest of the world - including our old partners in the commonwealth. We can reclaim our fishing grounds, stop tons of good fish being thrown back dead, and conserve our stocks for our long term prosperity.

Leaving the EU is not about ending cooperation, it is about increasing cooperation where ever it will benefit the UK, and doing this with out the millstone of the EU holding us back

The choice will be simple:

1) Vote LibLabCon... for
- 5 more years and £650billion of UK taxpayers money to be given to the EU in membership fees.
- 5 more years of £unlimited going to protecting the Euro (and vanity of the ECB).
- 5 more years of bowing to the ECHR against our own wishes
- 5 more years of unfettered EU migration (including from new accession states)
- 5 more years of UK fishing grounds being destroyed
- 5 more years of UK armed forces being assimilated under EU control
- 5 more years of UK decline


2) Vote UKIP for
- All UK governments to be made to run the UK for the benefit of the people of the UK.

Whether you are a far left, far right or in between, your vote in the EU elections makes no difference to your party in Westminster - EU2014 will only be about whether you want the UK in or out of the EU.

Vote UKIP to simply say that you want the UK to leave the EU now or if you want another 5 year or to vote for any of the other parties to say you want who want the UK to continue to participate in the EU.

We (the British public) can make the EU2014 elections the referendum that we want, that we were promised, that we were denied - and UKIP need to make it as easy as possible for all UK voters to support this.

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