Sunday, 17 October 2010

Brighton and Hove MPs reject call for EU budget cuts as tuition fees go through the roof

At a time when national governments are making cuts of up to 25% to 40% on budgets, is it too much to ask the EU to make cuts to its budget too?

Well I wouldn't have thought so, but the EU are demanding an inflation busting 6% increase! Our (UK) contribution will aparantly go up by enough to cover student tuition fees twice over!

This was being voted on in parliament last Wednesday (13th) A brave MP did put an amendment calling for the budget to be cut, but this was defeated by a massive 252 to 42.

Mike Weatherly MP (Con - Hove) voted against a reduction as did Simon Kirby MP (Con - Brighton Kemptown) while Caroline Lucas (Green - Brighton Pavilion) did not vote at all.

The people of Brighton, Hove and Portslade should be asking serious questions of the MPs they elected to protect their interests.

The rest of Europe is not happy:

So why are the supposedly EU-Sceptic Conservatives being so compliant?

Roger Helmer MEP (Con) seems to be realising the truth about the party he is a member of:


  1. Yeah, I sent a mail to Mike Weatherly via TheyWorkForYou asking him to justify his vote on the EU budget... I guess the fact that he has not responded says it all really.

    Well, the Tories will never get my vote again.

  2. Mike - I hope you do get a reply, its a fundamental part of an MPs job!

  3. I have heard nothing yet, but perhaps thats a good thing... for today I read that our Hooker wedding MP:

    Is a bit of a leftie at heart:

    I regret not voting UKIP at the GE, but have just joined UKIP to atone for my sins.