Saturday, 27 September 2008

Debt is Slavery

Debt is evil, nowdays it may be a necessary evil, but it is an evil none the less.

Once you are in debt, you have an obligation to you creditor that can be enforced with the full power of the national legal system.

This is the motivation of Loan Sharks - if someone can be teased over the edge of their ability to pay, then you have them hooked for life.

Like a drug dealer getting new innocents addicted, the approach will be as nice as pie - nothing will be too much trouble, they will be your best of best friends - you may not realise it at the time, but there is a price for this. A price that is so high that it may never be paid off in your lifetime.

The American credit-crunch that has little to do with us (but the government (with the help of the BBC) find convenient to blame for their own failings, and divert attention) is founded on Loan Sharkery.

Very poor people whose only assets might be the roof over their head and their future earning potential were persuaded to take on legally enforcable agreements to receive money now to be paid off in the future - however being poor, and so having little practical knowledge of finaance they never realised the massive burden they were accepting.

Enevitably they could not keep up with their massivley escalating repayment using their meagre incomes, so the Sharks forced them to surrender their only current assets - their houses.

The Sharks were pleased with the deal, they had lent pennies at massive interest rates and now owned empty houses ready to sell.

What went wrong was that the Sharks ended up owning so many such properties, and people in those areas were so poor that the houses could not be sold.

Each loan may have been pennies, but there were so many of them that totalled trillions of dollars. The Sharks had trillions of dollars tied up in unsaleable property - the original owners evicted and still in massive debt.

Liquidity vanished - the sharks supposedly had 'assets', but they could not convert them into cash, so could not pay their own debts.

The Sharks victims were bankrupted - now was the sharks turn...

Credit is evil.

How is this relevant to the Free People of England? It is relevant because the government are activley softening up the younger generation to take on debt with out a second thought. In fact it is worse... If a young person wants to go to University they will almost certainly be obliged to take out a Student Loan from the state - to become a graduate in this country you must take the first steps into a debt ridden future.

The governments behavour on this is too disgusting for words - they might as well oblige all students to smoke 20 cigarettes a day for the duration of their courses - and then wonder why the country has become full of smokers...

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