Wednesday, 15 May 2013

EU-Sceptic Conservative? Ain't no such thing! Vote #UKIP

David's Failings - do these sound democratic or EU-Sceptic?

1) Broken promise of a referendum on the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty.

David Cameron calls for referendum on EU constitution (Telegraph 2/6/2009)
Tories rule out treaty referendum (BBC 3/11/2009)

2) Three line whip against EU referendum demanded in a public petition.

EU referendum: Cameron to impose three-line whip (BBC 20/10/2011)

See how your MP voted then.... The Public Whip

3) Ignores debate on private members bill calling for EU exit.

MPs debate case for UK pulling out of European Union (BBC 26/10/2012)

4) Letting an EU referendum bill run out of time in 2012.

Referendum (European Union) Bill (HoC 29/5/2012)

5) Forced to reintroduce EU referendum bill - but with no action required regardless of the result!

Conservatives publish EU referendum bill (BBC 14/5/2013)

**EDIT (9/6/13) **

6) Abandons EU referendum bill - was never a real promise...

David Cameron: I can't legislate for an EU referendum (Telegraph 7/5/13)
(I know this date pre-dates point 5 - I can't keep up with conservative lies on this, so can't explain it...)

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