Sunday, 4 December 2011

Synchronicity or Inspiration? Esther Rantzen - Silverline

I was delighted to read in todays Sunday Times that Esther Rantzen is starting a help line for older people 'Silverline'. A service working in a simliar way to 'Childline' the childrens service that she created some time ago, and appears to be going from strength to strength.

Older people requiring care have always been vulnerable, but now with ever more older people requiring care and ever less control over who provides the care the situation needs urgent attention.

It was this that prompted me to tweet the following about a month ago:!/pperrin/statuses/134210762846638080

Well what ever promoted the creation of 'Silverline' - I think it is a fantastic cause that deserves support.


  1. Ester may not realise that there are many befriending projects running all over the country through Age UK branches. These small local projects extend the hand of friendship by visiting and regular phone calls by volunteers who live in the area to others who are local to them. Many are struggling for funding and lack the high profile of a celebrity to raise awareness if their existence. So Ester its not a new idea and Age UK and the former Age Concerns have many years experience of this area and have not forgotten the needs of the older person.

    1. I don't think 'silverline' was (is) intended to replace such services - but would offer a single point of contact (phone number) for older people to make contact with such organisations...

      I haven't heard anything about this for ages (I contacted Esters agent at the time but got no reply) - maybe it simply didn't get traction?

  2. I tried to contact Ester about this ages ago (via her agent) - never heard anything back...

    However seems it is going ahead!