Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Green MP Caroline Lucas attacks Brighton's Green led Council

Caroline Lucas has made a statement about the UK not meeting EU air-quality targets. She specifically mentions areas of Brighton and Hove that do not meet the targets, and she blames traffic.

Despite Brighton & Hove’s aspirations of being the UK’s greenest city, Caroline pointed out that standards for nitrogen dioxide are regularly exceeded at 20 sites across the city.

With much of this pollution being caused by traffic, Caroline urged the importance of long-term co-operational measures as opposed to short-term cheats.
(link: Brighton and Hove Free Press)

However, this is at the same time that the Green led council in Brighton and Hove are trying to reduce speed limits in the City from 30mph to 20mph.

Brighton and Hove City Council said speed limit reduction was a "high priority" and is planning to look at where they can force drivers to slow down after the Government announced it would cut restrictions on the use of 20mph limits.
(link: Brighton Argus)

Why is this an issue? Because research shows that a vehicle travelling at 20mph emits more pollutants per mile than when travelling at 30mph! Seems to be by about 15%...

(link: Department of Transport foot of page 3)

As this graph shows, vehicle emissions are much lower at the current 30mph (48kph) than at the Greens preferred 20mph (32kph).

Of course the Greens will have a solution to this contradiction they have created - I don't know precisely what it will be, but I am certain that it will involve us being further inconvenienced and charged more tax. I am certain of this because that is the Greens solution to every problem they create or imagine.

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