Friday, 27 October 2017

The police are wrong in 60% of 'hate speech' cases, and wrong in 80% of disputed cases.

Just how nasty, evil, authoritarian, overbearing and lazy are police officers when it comes to allegations of 'hate crime'?

Last year arrests for alleged hate speech on social media rocketed to 3,400. Typically these people will have had their phones/tablets/computers seized and withheld for many months, their finger prints and DNA taken and registered on the police national computer and spent time, maybe even a night locked in a cell.

Of these, about 40% were persuaded by the police to confess and were (of course) convicted, of the remaining 60% who disputed the police claims, the police found no grounds to prosecute in 90% of cases -- i.e. the police never had evidence to support the allegation and arrest (despite it all being public on social media!) - so the individuals were wrongly arrested and imprisoned. Of the remainder that actually went to court and were still contested the police failed to make a case 40% of the time.

Arrests 3,400
Prosecutions 1,700 (50%)
Convictions (80% of prosecutions) 1,400
Confessions (75% of convictions) 1,000
Convictions on disputed arrests (conviction - confession) 400

So from a total of 2,400 disputed arrests made by the police 2000 (80%) were baseless - from the total of 3,400 police arrests 2000 (60%)  were baseless.

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