Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Your 'rights' and government 'bans' - they probably aren't what you think they are...

What is a 'right', what is a 'ban'?

They are nothing material, they don't exist in time/space they are just words for concepts.


Calling something a 'right' simply means people will excuse you using force to do whatever it is you 'have a right' to do.

  • If someone steals your things, your 'property rights' mean you can use reasonable force to get them back without being punished.
  • If someone tries to hurt you, your 'human rights' mean you can use reasonable force to stop them (without being punished).
  • If you say something, your right to 'free speech' means you will never be punished/sanctioned for it.

It is for an individual to 'enforce' their rights (if they so choose) being a 'right' simply means there will be no sanction against you when/if you do.

No one is obliged to assist you in asserting/enforcing your rights - they exist only as long rational human beings can see the benefit of mutual acceptance of the principles.


A ban does not make things disappear. It is simply the state making clear that it may punish you (instigate force/violence) for disobeying its rule on possession of an item.

Instead of talking about 'bans' achieving anything, you should talk about the deterrent effect of the threat of violence (arrest, incarceration, fines).

A gun ban has zero impact on guns themselves - it merely advertises that force will be used against those in possession of one. This threat may or may not have an impact on each individual.

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