Tuesday, 8 September 2015

What is wrong with droning two 'British' ISIS fighters?

Cameron ordered a drone strike in Syria on two ISIS fighters who had once lived in the UK - both were killed, the justification was that they were planning some form of terrorist attack on the UK's VJ (Victory In Japan at the end of WW2) commemoration event in London that was to be attended by all the UK's 'great and good' right up to the Queen.

OK this is never going to be an unpopular thing to do - but there are some issues that need considering.

1) Isn't it pathetic that Cameron would rather have kept these terrorist leaders in the UK all along? He has worked hard to prevent such people leaving the UK!

2) Isn't it pathetic that Cameron won't strip those who join ISIS of their passports because this is too complicated legally, but can happily have them executed?!

3) If these two were to actually carry out the terrorist action, surely their well known faces on London streets would have been found in seconds? So why not let them come and pick them (and other accomplices) up? Seems a bit of a pathetic waste of an opportunity by Cameron.

4) If these two were just the planners, and the terrorist action was to be done by others, then who and where are these others? Presumably they are already/still here in the UK waiting for another plan to be given to them for execution? Bit pathetic of Cameron to have left them our there.

5) If killing British Citizens is now OK without any legal process - who is safe? Anyone?

6) Funny that this was so easy, but (say) deporting radical preachers/recruiters is so difficult - it suggests our 'due process' is far to complex and in favour of the criminal. Of course this suits our legal profession who make more money the more complex the law us. Surely we should completely review this and get the legal blood suckers back in their cages.

7) I'll add stuff if I think of it - or better still, add your own comments below!

8) Oh and one of the youngsters was photographed in the UK with Ed Balls (former Labour Chancellor) saying he wanted to be the UK's first 'Asian' Prime Minister - of course if he had made any effort in UK politics he would have been fast tracked ahead of any native youngster (like my kids or maybe yours) right to the top (brown, migrant, muslim ticking the progressive minority boxes!) - and he could be in the Labour leadership contest today... and we could be on our way to having an Islamic Terrorist as our PM.

9) Hmmm Michael Fallon in an interview on BBC radio specifically said it was about specific attacks that were planned - however this happened after the VJ day events, so the attack could *not* have been about VJ day...


  1. The British aviation based armed forces executed two U.K. nationals who had joined Islamic State in an automaton strike in Syria, Prime Minister David Cameron said Monday, denoting the U.K's. initially recognized military activity against aggressors in the nation.

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