Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Extra long tweet...


I wanted to say 'mate', but I don't want to risk being seen as patronising. I only know you from your tweets - one day one must have crossed my time line and whatever it contained, I decided to follow your tweets. I miss loads of tweets on my timeline, but still see some of yours, see conversations you are in - I retweet some of your tweets (to the 2000+ glorious loons who follow me for some reason!), I reply to some of your tweets.

I have no 'expectations' or 'demands' of anyone on twitter - you are just a tweeter I follow (I really try to follow as few as possible, so I can do them all justice!). Just from your tweets I thought you had a worthwhile cause, and I might be able to be a tiny bit of help, I don't really know you, or what you have been through, or how it has affected you - but (on blind faith) thought your message was worth supporting so tried to help spread it.

No doubt my retweets of your tweets have been retweeted - and other people have retweeted your tweets in the same way... but with out your original tweets none of that would exist.

I do loads of different stuff on twitter - much of it changes all the time - but if you hadn't tweeted on this CSA stuff, I probably wouldn't have tweeted much on it at all - and loads of other tweeters and retweeters would have missed it too.

I don't really know you - but as one bloke to another - I do believe in you, that you are making a difference, that you do matter.

Happy new year (mate)!

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