Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Two amazing ideas to be shot down - open fire!

Loads of people know how they would like things to be, the hard bit is working out how to get there from here... so I present ways of getting to two of the outcomes I'd like to see...

1) Citizens Income/Flat Tax - 'Casual Labourer'

Ideal: Everyone gets a fixed payment from the state - it replaces benefits for the unemployed, and replaces the tax free allowance for the employed. All income is taxed at a flat rate from the first £ to the last £ - see elsewhere hear abouts for discussion of this.

Path: Introduce a new employment status to go along side 'Employee/PAYE', 'Self Employed' etc... maybe call it 'Casual Labourer', if someone opts in they get a dedicated bank account - state pays fixed benefits into the account, all earnings are also paid into the account - 30% of all earnings deposited go straight to the taxman. Job done - as everyone opts in, other taxation regimes whither and die.

2) Insurance based healthcare.

Ideal: Everyone has insurance for their healthcare - when they need treatment they choose where to go for it (private, state, charity, commercial whatever) , the insurance co pays for it.

Path: Stop new migrants using the NHS - require that they have health-insurance and waive their tax/national insurance accordingly - private services will be created to service them. After (say) 5 years in the UK they can opt in to the NHS or keep their insurance based scheme. Then allow UK citizens to switch to the insurance based schemes too if they want. Job done - eventually everyone will have opted out of the state run medical provider.

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