Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Immigration is good for the EU economy - cut out and keep refutation #2

Supporters of migration always seem to argue for open door migration rather than closed borders. But noone is suggesting closed borders! The option proposed is *managed* migration. 

1) Migrants pay in more than they claim in benefits.

Some do, some don't. Open door migration means we don't discriminate between good and bad migrants.

2) Migrants are less likely to claim benefits than Brits.

So I should hope! Any migrant needing benefits should go home to get them from their own government.

UK has to carry its own needy, we don't need to import any more.

3) Most migrants work, so aren't here for benefits.

What about the unemloyed Brit who could be doing that job? We pay dole to a Brit so a migrant can have a job??

4) Migrants are more likely to be employed than Brits.

Well as we have kids, disabled, elderly etc and migrants tend to be working age, what do you expect? Its of no 'credit' to them its just expected for that age profile!

5) Brits won't do certain jobs.

If you pay min wage to a Brit they benefit by min wage. If you pay min wage to a migrant they get to come to the UK - use the NHS, get housing benefit, etc *as well as* the min wage. All UK work is more attractive to migrants from poor countries - the pay has little to do with it!

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