Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Spoof of #UKIP That Backfired. "Migrants create our jobs" (oops no, most don't).

I love it when people do try to present the case *for* the EU. They deliver all the data required to rip their case to shreds...

UKIP have a new poster campaign out - the usual anti-UKIP suspects have repeated their usual old, stale, incorrect, anti-UKIP creed.

However one thing did draw my attention...
UKIP Poster:

Apparently the figures for this came from here:-


Ok.. tell me more.

The Facts:

Ok... so UK has around 7.5million migrants ( and half a million have created a total of 1.16 million jobs... so that around 6 million who are taking (or trying to take) jobs that were already here...

Case Studies:
Ok... so three Indians and a Californian... hang on what has this to do with the EU? These people aren't European! Actually... there is an EU connection - because UK *cannot* control EU migration, UK is having to restrict migration from these countries! The ones where so many of the 'contributing' migrants have come from!

I love it when people do try to present the case *for* the EU. They deliver all the data required to rip their case to shreds...

I also note that (on average) this half a million migrants have only created an average of two jobs - enough for themselves and a partner but no one else. I wonder how many of these micro businesses are like this one:-

Making £100 a week selling The Big Issue and claiming £28,000 from UK taxpayers in benefits - yes she is very industrious, and doing well for herself (and those other Eastern Europeans she is training to emulate her) - but at a huge *cost* to the rest of the UK...

But remember - UKIP don't want to close UK borders - that is a LibLabCon straw man! - UKIP just want to control it! Let in the beneficial migrants!! Keep out the bad ones.


  1. So many falsehoods and misconceptions it's hard to know where to start:

    1. 7.5 million is the number of people who were born overseas. Many of these are UK nationals. The migrants under discussion here are non-UK nationals, of which there are 4,852,000 in the UK according to the ONS.

    2. Those 1.16 million jobs in SMEs aren't all for immigrants; many of these jobs will have gone to Brits. Similarly, British entrepreneurs provide jobs for immigrants. However immigrant-founded SMEs provided 14% of all SME jobs. Immigrants create jobs at a greater rate than British nationals.

    3. Those case studies are 4 out of 456,073 migrant entrepreneurs. You aren't extrapolate findings about all 456,073 based on 4 people. If you look at the actual report, 5 of the top 10 entrepreneurial nationalities are from the EU (Irish, German, Polish, French, Italian).

    4. You say "because UK *cannot* control EU migration, UK is having to restrict migration from these countries!" Yesterday, Farage said he wanted to see net migration at no higher than 50,000 per year. Non-EU net migration is currently at around 150,000 per year. So non-EU migration would need to be even more heavily cut to hit Farage's target.

    5. I wasn't really making a point about the EU. My agenda is to extend freedom of movement as far and as wide as possible. Just because I'm responding to UKIP nonsense doesn't mean I have to respond to that party's narrow frame of reference.

  2. 1. 7.5 million, 5 million, meh. Either is way over the half a million who have created any jobs..

    2. Half of these jobs are filled by the migrant entrepreneurs. If the others go to British citizens - it just means the other 4-6 million migrants are either taking 'british jobs' or claiming benefits...

    3. I just highlighted that of the four entrepreneurs selected for case studies not one was European - coincidence? or something more behind it. only a 6% chance if it being 'random'...

    4. Excluding a migrant who can contribute to allow in one that cant is clearly madness. Whatever the figures.

    5. Yes, as you say, your poster isn't about the EU/UKIP so its all a bit bogus to have based it on a UKIP poster.

    You said my post contained 'falsehoods'... but you haven't actually cited any...