Friday, 11 April 2014

The Birth Control Pill - much better herd control than Vallium.

The most important human trait is personality, everything else about someone has been learned and comes from the outside. How they react to other people and the things they learn is all their own - it is what make them, them - it is what makes them human.

We have learned that our hormones have a strong impact on how we express our personality. But as long as it remains within acceptable boundaries society is much bothered. In fact if it modifies the expression of ones personality in certain ways, it may be of benefit to the state and so encouraged.

Valium was useful to control women for a while, but the better, safer, birth control pill has now replaced it. Instead of making women into dozy, dreamy stay at homes, they are thrusting, self-reliant, independent, selfish worker modules. Unfortunately, in neither case are they themselves.

What I have read about this clearly confirms that this is well known - even if not fully comprehended. Many women say the pill has changed their personality - but if they are concerned about a particular aspect of this they are advised to change to a different pill - not to return them to normal, but just to lose the bit of change they are concerned about.

Think, if men were permanently tanked up on artificial testosterone - as long as they didn't quite cross the line into being overly aggressive, no one would care much - but they wouldn't be themselves. Think further, if most men were in this state, common traits would simply disappear as they all tended towards this limit, away from normality.

Whatever else this mass medication is doing - good or bad - it is interfering with the most important trait that a human being has - their very own, natural, personality.

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