Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Many anti government bods hate UKIP... they miss the point...Next Stop Liberty.

There is quite a swathe of people disillusioned with politics in the UK, all of whom you might think would support UKIP.

However this is not always the case, there is a substantial group who are completely anti-politics, and include they UKIP as part of that. Not only that, they go further and especially hate UKIP for (as they claim) preserving the illusion that politics can work. They are sure that UKIP is just another bunch of wannabes who want a slice of the political pie for themselves, and will simply replace the LibDems as the fleas on the LabCon rats who eat all our food.

Of course no one can be *sure* of anything in the future - if UKIP start getting power the usual, nasty, suspects will start infiltrating - the strength of UKIP is actually its leader - you can choose whether or not to trust an individual, but panels, committees etc are really unaccountable, unpredictable and untrustworthy.

However looking at the bigger picture, nothing beats *experience* in convincing a human about an issue. You can persuade people who don't have experience, they have to choose what to believe - however once they have experience, their knowledge is unshakable.

So UKIP is a win/win for those who don't trust our politics - if UKIP clean it up, everyone will be happy. But, if they *do* turn out to be more of the same then the entire population of the UK will, once and for all, have direct experience and proof that our politics cannot be fixed from within.

So if UKIP do turn out to be more of the same, then the ranks of those completely opposed to UK politics will be swelled by many thousands - and people will know there is only one way to 'take it back'.

UKIP brings the whole situation to a head - we will know (for sure) one way or the other - and either way we get liberty next...

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