Tuesday, 8 April 2014

How the UK constitution really works (and every other countries)...

Mans nature is to be free and independent. Free will is one of his defining features, a capacity to decide for himself what he would most like to do. However free will can only be manifest when it can be acted upon. To stifle a mans implementation of his free will is to stifle his humanity.

Man is a sociable creature, even ignoring the necessity for reproducing, our sheer numbers mean it can be no other way.

Free will and sociability are in direct conflict, when one mans free will meets anothers there will be disagreement. Ultimately superiority can be resolved by the death of one of the conflicting parties - but given the risks associated with this (both physically in the act, and the time consuming inconvenience of resolving disputes in this way) other methods of dispute resolution have come to the fore.

Of all the social structures that have been built to avoid violence and death (although these always remain as options - through policing, and war), the most obvious we see to day is 'government'.

Government, a body to whom men delegate their use of violence and death in the expectation that every man will have their free will stifled less than by any other method.

However, the delegation of such powers is a dangerous, risky business. Should the body decide that it has its own 'will' to enforce, it will conflict with those of the men who created it (after all it can only be said to have a 'will' if it is different to that of those who created it). And in resolving such conflict, it has been given the ultimate tools to ensure that its own will prevails, while man has surrendered his. Man will have built the mechanism for his own enslavement.

It is thus vital to a free humanity that no such body ever has a 'will' of its own. Man created government as his servant, as his tool, government owes everything to man, man owes government nothing. Clearly, government must never be allowed to become mans master.

In most countries now, there are written constitutions that restrict their governments power - however as is seen time and time again, these rarely work for long as people see the government overstepping the mark and need revolution to put government back in its place.

The UK has a different model, ultimate power in the UK is not held by government, but by parliament. 'Parliament is sovereign', the UK 'constitution' is whatever our MP's, on the day, say it is. For convenience and practicality, voluntary systems are in place which may make it seem different, but the fact is that our MP's are our defence against the (naturally, inevitably) tyrannical desire of our government.

MP's are there to ensure government remains small, to ensure that it has no will of its own, to ensure that the free will of each man is maximised.

Here in the UK this process has been substantially perverted - with MP's coming to believe that they are the leaders, that their will can be imposed on us via the government they are supposed to be regulating and restraining. Our MP's have been corrupted, the entire process by which they are even given a chance of becoming an MP is now designed to ensure their real loyalty is not to constituents they profess to serve, but instead to the idea that they are the 'rightful' power over us all. This corruption is seen  as strong 'political parties', and is spread by the corruption of our education system (and now social services) in grooming our children for servitude instead of self-realisation. 

The Americans have their written constitution - ultimately enforced by their right to bear arms, and a belief that they will use that right to protect it.

The EU have nothing.

The UK has its MP's on the day - they are all that protect us from tyranny. don't vote for a LibLabCon party stooge - vote for an individual committed to protecting your right to have, and to act on your own, individual, human, free will.

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