Thursday, 3 April 2014

EU, Crimea, EU, Ukraine and Russia - Governments use force against citizens, not states.

The truth about this matter is:-

States/Governments are happy to use violence against their own people, but wary of using it against armed foreign states/governments.

The people of Crimea did not seek independence from Ukraine earlier because they knew their government would happily use force against them. As protestors around the world know, states/governments real grip on power is maintained by force.

The Ukrainian forces (police and army) in Crimea would have been deployed against the Crimean people in a flash, had they sought independence themselves.

However, like all States/Governments the Ukrainian government, while holding their own citizens in contempt, think twice about such behaviour towards a fully armed foreign state. Hence, with Russian state backing, the people of Crimea could then act as they wanted, and get independence, without the threat of force from the Ukrainian government.

The willingness of states to use force against citizens is getting ever worse - and is actually the primary tool in the EU's totalitarian toolbox.

Many, many citizens of EU members do not want to remain in the EU - but their governments are groomed and encouraged to warn and show they are willing to use force against them. This is openly demonstrated every time a government are said to have shown 'leadership'... in this context 'leadership' means forcing citizens to act against their will/interest under the threat of force.

Government 'leadership' is self-evidently an evil that should be viewed with fear and disgust, not with pride.

Governments are not the saviours of the citizens, they are the greatest threat against them.

LibLabCon are 100% signed up to this agenda. UKIP are not (yet) we need UKIP to break this slide and put measures in place (direct democracy) so it can never happen in the UK again. Britons never, never, never should have been made EU/State slaves.

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