Saturday, 29 March 2014

Marriage - abolished in the UK

Yesterday was the last day it was possible to have a real marriage. The last time that a man and a woman could be recognised in law as representing the fundamental, human, animal and natural basis of the family.

Today that concept has no word in UK law - the word we used to use ('married') is now unconnected to family/reproduction etc, it now simply means BFFs (Best Friends Forever) and can apply to any two people.

Same sex couples have achieved 'equality' by denying any legal acknowledgement of the historic, natural form of the human reproductive unit of the couple/family.

The cry of 'Don't recognise any sex marriage? Then don't have one!' will almost certainly be observed - with couples who would formerly have got married rejecting this new, weird, institution of the same name.

If I were considering marriage today, I would not bother with this new creation. A 'nuptial' style legal contract/agreement for the practicalities (shared ownership of assets etc) and a non-legal ceremony to announce/celebrate with friends and well wishers would be fine. There will be some areas that the state will continue to make awkward - but I'd look at this on a case by case basis. As ever the states 'helpful contribution' to 'marriage' is just to reduce some of the penalties that the state itself imposes...

Marriage is dead, who would have thought that a supposed 'conservative' led government would lead its assassins?

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