Thursday, 13 March 2014

Bible Stories, Creationism and Atheism

The roots of the popularity of atheism appear to be rejection of 'old school' christianity.

A negative comment about atheism will immediately draw a mob demanding that you show the bible to be true, that evolution is wrong, and that you prove god exist.

I mostly attack atheism for its own inconsistency nothing outside atheism is needed to show this... No reference to religion (other than their own), or to the bible or to darwin. Just their obsession with erasing other peoples faith to be replaced with their own arbitrary faith.

Outside the logical flaws with atheism, the worst aspect of atheism is the denial of humanity - the belief that there is 'nothing else' just atoms here and now.

Jimmy Saville shows where that leads - he enjoyed what he did, and got away with it for the duration of his existence on earth, every atheists dream surely?

His morality may have been different to other peoples, but so what? Morality is all relative to an atheist. On what basis does a devout atheist condemn free living Jim? Especially as he raised so much for 'good causes' - he didn't have to do that - most paedophiles/rapists don't bother giving anything back do they?

And before anyone decries his fund raising intentions, I haven't heard of any dodgy book keeping or similar, it seems his fund-raising side was squeaky clean.

No one need ask a non atheist why they would condemn such people - but an atheist needs to spell it out (I look forward to some doing so (one cannot answer for all) - preferably with out mentioning religion, christianity etc.

By denying humanity, that humans are not special, there is only one possible end game, that every thing in existence is treated equally - an averaging out of all respect for everything.

Unless you currently believe that humans are treated (on average) with less respect than everything else, this average will mean treating humans worse than now, with less respect than now. I'd rather see humanity on a pedestal rather than in a sea of grey goo with everything else. Is this based on self-interest? Does it matter? Most religions consider man special anyway, and an atheist would have to consider themselves my god to tell me what to think!

Also by denying humanity and promoting only science/logic you fall prey to 'incompleteness theorem' - this is a mathematical proof that it is impossible for any language to state proofs for every truth - a similar idea to "you can't prove a negative". If you can't prove something, you cannot pretend it doesn't exist, it remains a possibility (or maybe certainty, unbeknown to you) and you'd have to make a judgement, and hope (have faith), that you have made the right call.

Humanity has the ability to make those judgements - whether you like that fact or not.


  1. ALL religion is nonsensical superstition based on wishful thinking used over the centuries to keep people in ignorance and poverty ,those in any doubt look at the deluded muslim sops who actually blow themselves up in the ridiculous expectation of an eternity screwing 76[strangely exact number] virgins

    1. I guess you missed the bit where I said "preferably with out mentioning religion, christianity etc."...

      It is atheists who support eugenics, population control - because the see people as nothing special and believe that they themselves can act as gods.