Thursday, 13 March 2014

Atheism is a faith indistinguishable from Religion.

Atheism is just as 'faith' based as religion is - so much so, it is indistinguishable from religion.

There are many people who like to say they are atheist who then deny that they follow any of its creed - but there are many people who call themselves catholic, christian, jewish etc but say they don't really believe in god or are 'non practising' - at least these people rarely claim that they are just as 'devout' as those that do follow their religion to the letter (Church of England excepted...). Whereas many non-devout atheists like to claim that their position defines atheism (as members of the Church of England like to claim their position defines christianity).

Why do I care/object? Mainly because atheists attack the religious (as they see them) and attack the areligious/agnostics. I am broadly libertarian and respect peoples right to choose - nowadays most religions are tolerant of those who don't agree with them - the main exceptions seem to be islam and atheism, both of which have high profile fanatics who have zero tolerance of dissenters. Intolerance can be amusing in small doses, but if it gets the upper hand liberty (per-se) is lost.

It is widely accepted that "you can't prove a negative", however this doesn't mean you don't have to acknowledge that you *haven't proved it*. If you believe you cannot prove a negative, how stupid would it be to create position for yourself that claims that you have?!

Atheists claim to respect science and logic etc - but then say their position is secure because it is impossible to for them to prove they are right (there are no gods), so there is no need for them to do so!

Atheism has become what it claims to despise - maybe faith is a common human need, so those rejecting it were bound to come around to it in the end - but (of course) would not want to admit their mistake so need to remain in denial.

Atheists you are not better, nor smarter than theists - you just have a different faith - get off your high horses, they only exist in your minds.

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